How Did We Get Here?

Recognising the scarcity of service, manufacturing, and spare parts resources within the Scottish waste and recycling industry, Skip Manufacturers UK has launched a dedicated division to cater to these specific needs.

Our experienced team stands ready to manufacture, refurbish, and repair all types of skips and waste containers, from the smallest builders’ skips to the most extensive roll-on-off compactors. We provide comprehensive inspection, service, fabrication, and repair facilities to ensure your containers remain in pristine condition.

In addition to our core services, we offer steam cleaning, shot blasting, painting, logo application, graphics customization, and spare parts procurement.

We conduct thorough inspections of our customers’ equipment, providing valuable reports on its condition, safety, and lifespan. We then suggest tailored solutions to maintain your fleet of containers in top-notch condition, ready for immediate use.

In today’s cost-conscious and competitive environment, with rising waste disposal costs, it is crucial that your containers project a professional image and adhere to ever-evolving regulations regarding visibility, containment, load restraint, and transportation.

Skip Manufacturer UK aspires to be Scotland’s premier skip manufacturer and container repair facility, committed to providing exceptional service and support to our valued customers.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or inquire about your specific equipment needs.